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Plant of origin:

Elettaria cardamomum


Extracted from the Elletaria cardamomum Zingiberaceae that grows in the Verapaces area of Guatemala. Guatemala es knows as the mayor producer of cardamom seed in the world. It has antispasmodic properties, reduces nausea, antimicrobial, astringent, stimulant of the nervous system and aphrodisiac. Available Conventional u Organic Oil.


Appearance Very pale liquid
Color Greenish yellow
Odour Aromatic, pungent and slightly camphoric cardamom
Density 0.917 - 0.947
Refractive index @ 20C 1.4600 - 1.4660
Optical Rotation + 22º - +44º
Solubilities Soluble in 70% ethanol in dilutions between 1 and 3 volumes

The information given is to the best of our knowledge and does not present a guarantee of properties.

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