EXTRACT was created in 1,997 to fulfill the market needs of natural essential oils and plant extracts for their use in the flavor, food, fragrance, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, aromatherapy and natural medicine industries.

Our growth and success is based in our management experience that dates back over 42 years, working in all the fields and process that an essential oil goes through, starting from the plantation, harvest, through production, quality control and export.

Our personnel are constantly qualified to face the new tendencies in the industry, what guarantees us to provide a fast and efficient service, which is transformed in our attitude focused to a customized service.

In November of 2,002, EXTRACT received the prize to The New Exporter given by the Guatemalan Export Association, AGEXPORT.

EXTRACT is conscious of the needs of our community; for such reason is impelling projects of new crops in small communities to help them improve their life level and at the same time, increase the essential oils production. EXTRACT can be supplier for companies that look for new agricultural products or their derivates, in order to create long-term commercial alliances.

Our Mission

We are a Guatemalan company dedicated to develop, produce and worldwide commercialize essential oils; natural extracts and compatible products for the cosmetic, food and medicinal industries, obtaining from the nature the benefits that contribute to improve the quality of life.

Our Quality Policy

In EXTRACT, S. A. we live daily the commitment toward our clients to satisfy their necessities and expectations producing and commercializing essential oils, natural extracts and compatible products that fulfill technical requirements and applicable normative, constantly improving our products, services and process.

Our Market

Our products are exported to different parts of the world. Our principal markets are: United States, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Holland, Singapore, Japan, Canada, China, India, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico, Australia, among others.

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