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Plant of origin:

Elettaria cardamomum


Absolutes differ from essential oils in that they contain a higher proportion of dyes, waxes and other components of the plant, so the aroma is highly concentrated and is more faithful to the natural aroma of the plant. The extraction process is through the use of solvents, and because traces of solvent may remain, they are only used for natural botanical perfumery.


Appearance Viscous Fluid
Color Orange
Odour Aromatic, penetrating and slightly camphorized from cardamom
Density 0.910 - 0.990
Refractive index @ 20C 1.444 - 1.490
Optical Rotation + 22º - +44º
Solubilities Not soluble in water

The information given is to the best of our knowledge and does not present a guarantee of properties.

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