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Ylang Ylang - Cananga odorata
It is aphrodisiac, tonic for the nerves, cardio tonic and sedative oil. It is used to treat depression, high blood pre...Read more
White Pepper Oleoresin - Piper nigrum L
Produced by solvent extraction of unripe piper nigrum. It is a pale yellow viscous liquid and has a characteristic str...Read more
Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanoides
It improves acne, oily skin, wounds, muscular aches, rheumatism, insomnia, nervous, tension, and stress. It is antisep...Read more
Tea Tree - Melaleuca alternifolia
This essential oil has a triple effect: bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral. Also is healing desinflammatory, deodo...Read more
Tangerine - Citrus reticulata
It is used for congested and oily skin, scars, obesity and fluid retention. It is excellent against digestive problem...Read more
Sunflower Seeds - Helianthus annuus
Good for all skin types used for beauty and skin care. It has high amounts of Vitamins A, D, and E. Derived from the...Read more
Spearmint - Mentha spicata
It is natural sedative and antispasmodic oil. It stimulates the nervous system, helps to diminish fatigue, headaches, ...Read more
Sesame Seed Oil - Sesamum indicum
Produced by cold press system from Sesame Seed Lightly Roasted. (Virgin oil). It has a light golden color, with a bol...Read more
Is a product consisting essentially of a mixture of gum and resin usually obtained by making an incision in a plant an...Read more
Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis
It is used for acne, dandruff, greasy hair and insect repellent. It helps to fight fluid retention, muscular pain, po...Read more
Pine - Pinus sylvestris
It is used for arthritis, weakness, lumbago, muscular aches and pains, poor circulation and as cough, cold, asthma and...Read more
Per Balsam - Myroxylon Pereirae
Exuded from the trunk of the tree and contains gum resin and a volatile oil that has a balsamic and aromatic odor a co...Read more
Peppermint - Mentha piperita
It helps the respiratory and circulatory systems. It is desinflammatory and a natural antiseptic. Excellent treatmen...Read more
Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin
It is recommended by its antidepressant, desinflammatory, antiseptic, healing, deodorant and aphrodisiac properties. I...Read more
Paprika Oleoresin - capsicum annuum
Produced by solvent extraction of the ripe fruits of capsicum annuum. It is a dark red viscous liquid and has a chara...Read more
Palmarosa - Cymbopogon martini
It is natural moisturizing oil, recommended for normal to delicate skin. It stimulates cellular regeneration and contr...Read more
Oregano - Oreganum vulgare
It is very potent oil in its pure form. It has to be used diluted as it may irritate skin and membranes. It is excel...Read more
Orange - Citrus sinensis
It is highly recommended for dry skin. It is used as desinflammatory, stimulant and tonic that help to eliminate the ...Read more
Onion - Allium cepa L
Like the garlic oil, onion oil substitute spices or onion powder, natural. Da big advantage because the oil is of uni...Read more
Mammy Apple Seed Oil - Calocarpum mamossum
This is a fixed oil obtained by cold press from the kernel of the fruit. It is used in the cosmetic industries to pro...Read more
Macadamia Nut Oil - Macadamia integrifolia
Produced by cold press system from the Macadamia nut. It is pale yellow unrefined oil (virgin oil) with a sweet nutty...Read more
Lemongrass Oil Special Clone - Cymbopogon flexuosus special clone
This is a special type of Lemongrass that was developed many years ago by the Association of Producers of Essential Oi...Read more
Lemongrass - Cymbopogon citratus
It is a carminative and insect repellent. It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties and it acts as a central ner...Read more
Lemon Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus citriodora
It is an insect repellent and helps improve arthritis, bronchitis, cold sores, colds, coughing, fever, flu, poor circu...Read more
Lemon - Citrus limon
It is excellent for greasy skin. It helps to remove cellulite. It is beneficial in correcting high pressure, arthrit...Read more
Lavender - Lavendula officinalis
It is natural antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant and sedative oil. It stimulates the immune system; it is used to...Read more
Juniper Berry - Juniperus communis
This oil helps dermatitis, hair loss, hemorrhoids, wounds, arteriosclerosis, cellulite and obesity. Helps fight colds...Read more
Grapefruit - Citrus racemosa
It is refreshing and energetic oil. It diminishes fatigue, and it is a natural diuretic. It is excellent in helping ...Read more
Ginger - Zingiber officinale
It is used to improve arthritis, fatigue, muscular aches and pains, poor circulation, coughs, colic, loss of appetite ...Read more
Geranium - Pelargonium odorantissiumum
Used to treat skin problems like ulcer, wounds, bleeding and minor burns. It is astringent, desinflamatory, tonic, an...Read more
Garlic - Allium sativum L
The garlic is produced since ancient time as one of the main seasoning products in all kitchens. Now a day, is used f...Read more
Flaxseed Oil - Linum usitatissimum
Elaborated by the method of cold pressing of the linseed seeds, it allows to conserve the essential fatty acid high le...Read more
Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus
Highly recommended as analgesic, relaxant, antirheumatic, decongestant, expectorant, diuretic, for muscular pains, art...Read more
Davana - Artemisia pallens
This is anti infectious, soothing to rough, dry and chapped skin. It stimulates the endocrine system and improving ho...Read more
Coriander - Coriandrum sativum
It is Used when accumulation of fluids and toxins occurs, arthritis, muscular aches, pains, poor circulation, stiffnes...Read more
Coffee - Lemon
The new studies have demonstrates that caffeine stimulates the nervous system and has tonic properties. It improves pres...Read more
Coffee Oil - Coffea arabica
Extracted by cold press from the Coffea arabica seeds. The seeds can be in its natural state (green) or roasted. (Ava...Read more
Clove - Syzygium aromaticum
It is used for acne, athletes foot, bruises, burns, cuts, insect repellent, toothaches, ulcers, wounds, arthritis, rh...Read more
Citronella - Cymbopogon nardus
It is an effective insect repellent. It has been used to fight rheumatism, colds, headaches, lower back pain, migrain...Read more
Cinnamon - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
It is used for tooth and gum care, wasp stings, poor circulation, rheumatism, anorexia, diarrhea, intestinal infection...Read more
Celery - Apium Graveolens
It helps rheumatism, dyspepsia, flatulence, indigestion, liver congestion, jaundice and glandular problems; also incre...Read more
Cedarwood - Cedarus deodora
It is used to control dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, greasy skin, hair loss, skin eruptions and ulce...Read more
Cardamom - Elettaria cardamomum
It is an antispasmodic, tonic and aphrodisiac oil. It stimulates the nervous system, diminishes mental fatigue, heada...Read more
Bergamot - Citrus bergamia
It helps acne, sores, eczema, insect bites, psoriasis and wounds. Used for halitosis, mouth infections and sore throa...Read more
Basil - Ocimum basilicum
It is used for bronchitis, coughs, asthma and flu. Also used as antidote for poisonous insect or snake bites. It impr...Read more
Almond Oil - Prunus dulcis
Obtained by coldpress method from the nut kernel of sweet almonds oil. Is an excellent skin-softening oil used for ce...Read more
Allspice - Pimenta officinalis
This oil has to be used in well diluted tiny amounts. Used for arthritis, fatigue, muscle cramps and rheumatism. It ...Read more

Aromatherapy Products

Exfoliating Salts for Foot
The human skin generates new layer of skin every two to four weeks. The dead cells can be exfoliated in order to insu...Read more
Exfoliating Salts for Body and hands
The human skin generates new layer of skin every two to four weeks. The dead cells can be exfoliated in order to insu...Read more
Aromatherapy Case Products
Contains: 1 Aromassage Oil, 1 Essencial Oil, 1 Mineral Salt, 1 Bubble Bath, 1 Facial Mask, 1 Candle Diffusor, 1 Pillow...Read more
Pillow for insomnia
Elaborated in a 100% cotton pillowcase and backfill with tropical forests pine sawdust and relaxing natural plants tha...Read more
Body and Hands Moisturizing Cream
Presentation in 250g jar It is elaborated with essential oils and natural extracts that give back the humidity, transf...Read more
Foot Moisturizing Cream
Presentation in 250g jar Its special formula is antibacterial, fungicide and deodorant. It can be used daily or after...Read more
Facial Masks
It moistures the skin and gives a wellbeing sensation. Placed it on the clean skin, and leave it until the skin absor...Read more
Bubble Baths
The bubbles bath with essential oils moisturizes and relaxes while you receive a light massage during the immersion in...Read more
Our diffusers are handmade by Guatemalan women, exclusively with our Exotik DreamsTM designs. To use it you have to pl...Read more
Essential Oils for Diffusor
Used to be evaporated in diffusers. At the time when it is evaporating, the inhaled aroma can relax or stimulate, acc...Read more
Mineral Salts with Essential Oils
With minerals and other elements in minor quantities but significant clean the body deeply. These minerals penetrate ...Read more
Aromassage Oils
The massage gives the body a whole series of positive sensations as the muscles relaxation, circulation improvement an...Read more